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The very quest for truth

Is not only challenging and gratifying

But also illumining and fulfilling.

Sri Chinmoy


  • ABCs of meditation – postures, breathing, visualisation, etc, plus… how to start, when to start and why to start!
  • Meditation on the heart – that is how we call our techniques. We focus on the spiritual heart as we feel it is closer to our Source.
  • Sports and physical fitness – are of great help in our self-discovery journey
  • Music and mantras – play an essencial role in silencing the mind and awakening the spiritual heart
  • Wholesome lifestyle – how to overcome unecessary habits and integrate the changes needed for our innermost aspiration to blossom amidst the day-to-day activities

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The Sri Chinmoy Centre - About us

sri-chinmoy1-186x300The Sri Chinmoy Centre in Oslo offers free workshops in meditation, suitable both for beginners and those more experienced. We also offer musical concerts of soulful music, run the vegetarian cafe Fragrance of the Heart and sponsor races and humanitarian projects. In accordance with Sri Chinmoy’s own practice, all of our activities are free of charge.

Sri Chinmoy’s is a philosophy of acceptance and transcendence of life as well as of diving deep within to discover the complete potential of the human soul. He himself demonstrated this vividly, in his pursuit of meditation, service to the United Nations, music, sports, literature, humanitarian activities and art.

SriChinmoy34Sri Chinmoy Centre tilbyr veiledning i meditasjon som passer både for nybegynnere – og de litt mer erfarne. Våre workshops gir deg mulighet til å prøve ulike meditasjons-teknikker. Både i gruppe med andre,og på egen hånd, vil du finne metoder som gir deg ro og stilner sinnet. Slik vil du snart kunne etablere en effektiv og fruktbar meditasjonspraksis tilpasset din natur. Den dype harmonien som meditasjonen gir vil snart kunne strømme i ditt liv! I tråd med sri Chinmoys egen praksis; alle våre aktiviteter er gratis.

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Music and mantras

Kanala Auer is an accomplished musician and has toured all around the world.  He has meditated for many years as a direct disciple of Sri Chinmoy.