Meditation class in Oslo – September

Since time immemorial humankind has learnt and forgotten again
and again how to dive within and listen. Meditation, the supreme art of silencing
the mind and getting inner vision, has been practised by the vedic seers of the hoary past,
the fathers of the desert as well as countless other seekers throughout time.
Easy to practise, yet not so easy to live on a daily basis, meditation is not only a
technique: it is a lifestyle, a search and an ever new experience of joy, peace, strength,
dynamism and creativity. This makes it so useful in the modern day to keep a balanced
lifestyle. At this event in two evenings you will hear not only some theory but stories and anectodes
and get a chance to practise simple exercises and mantras.

Nivedak, age 53, is both Swiss and Italian. Since childhood he has
been searching “for those who know”, not finding true inner knowledge and
wisdom in the surroundings he grew up in.  At age 17 he learnt the high art
of meditation, which he has been practising since, and soon later found
“someone who knows” in spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Nivedak leads two meditation
Centres in Milan and Rome, and advocates a balanced lifestyle that includes
inner listening with dynamic action and service. He manages two small businesses,
and when free travels in Italy and across Europe to share his enthusiasm about
meditation and the inner search.

Place: Unity Senter, Møllergata 23.
Time: Tuesday 26.09 at 19.00
And Thursday 28.09 at 19.00
(Come to one or both.)

Upcoming Meditation Seminars


Find your Path to Inner Harmony and Joy

Two Meditation Seminars held at Unity Senter, December 2016


The following classes are given by instructors who have been meditating for several years as direct students of meditation Master Sri Chinmoy. They will be held in English.


Topics include:

  • Silencing the mind
  • ABC of meditation
  • Concentration, breathing and visualisation
  • Mantras, music and meditation
  • Meditation in daily life
  • Masters of meditation
  • Experience inner peace and harmony
  • Many practical exercises

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Let’s meditate Oslo!


Let’s Meditate Oslo!


Discover peace within

Experience the peace of meditation, music, visualization and mantra.

Free seminar by students of Sri Chinmoy with many years of practical experience.


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Let´s Meditate!

Let´s meditate is the joy and inspiration created in collective meditation. This program has been developed to offer you the genuine experience of meditation. For those new to meditation it offers a simple and practical introduction. For the more experienced, it is an opportunity for an energizing group experience of peace and inspiration with life music, guided visualization and mantras. The programs are created by skilled teachers, many with over 30 years of meditation experience

Added value of meditating with others

We all know how difficult it can be to meditate well and maintain a meditation practice alone. But when we meditate in a group, the meditation becomes much easier. It also gives us a boost of encouragement to continue with our own individual meditation practice at home.

Let’s Meditate seeks to create the group environment where everyone can enjoy meditation together.

Meditation can be like a tug of war. When you meditate together with others, you are all pulling on the same side. A certain synergy of energy is created together, and everybody achieves more. It is the same with consciousness. As the collective consciousness raises, it acts like the “rising tide that raises all boats.” And the peace that is created in a large gathering actually becomes tangible, which is a special, collective accomplishment in where everybody wins.

More than just meditation

One more thing: meditation is more than just feeling peaceful. Meditation opens up doors to our hidden capacities and creativity. This energy manifests in sports, creative fields and the inspiration to serve those around us. Meditation will enable you to discover the wellspring of energy that resides deep inside you, so that you can access it and share it with others.

 Who we are

Let´s meditate is organized by experienced meditators who have been practicing for decades under the direct guidance and teachings of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Each one of us meditates on a daily basis and has come to know the necessity of fostering sincerity, humility and enthusiasm in our practice. Together we have given meditation classes to over 100.000 people in over 30 countries around the world.

Fragrance of the Heart – vegetarisk kafe’


You are always welcome to visit our cafes at Fr. Nansens pl. 2 by Oslo City Hall, and at 1st floor, GlasMagasinet, Stortorvet.  These have coffeebars, “homemade” vegetarian food, rawfood products, smoothies, and delicious desserts – as well as meditationbooks and -music.

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Du er  alltid velkommen innom de to kafeene drevet av elever av Sri Chinmoy, en på Fr. Nansens plass 2 ved Oslo Rådhus og i 1 etg, GlasMagasinet ved Stortorvet. Kafe’ene har kaffebarer, vegetarmat fra eget kjøkken, rawfood-produkter, smoothies, kaker, kjeks og annet godt.  Du finner også meditasjonsbøker og -musikk.

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