Videos and interviews

Here you can watch a few selected short videos from Sri Chinmoy TV The mind and the heart Yoga Peace recitations in Oslo Meeting with… »

Music and meditation

Free music downloads from Radio Sri Chinmoy: Music for meditation Musical groups for daily inspiration Recital of spiritual aphorisms Easy mantras for you to sing… »

What is meditation?

by Sri Chinmoy Meditation is man’s self-awakening and God’s Self-Offering. Meditation is the language of God. If we want to know what God’s Will is… »

The original meaning of Yoga

Question: You say that you teach Yoga. Could you please explain what Yoga is? Sri Chinmoy: Yoga means union, man’s conscious union with God. Yoga… »

Suggested books

While on our quest for self-discovery and happiness, there are many books that can inspire and guide us. Here are two of our all-time favourites. These… »

How to meditate in the heart

October 2018: Nivedak Corradini from Milano, Italy will share how he practices a very
fruitful way of meditation while leading an active modern life.