The Fragrance of the Heart Majorstuen


 Ongoing meditation sessions are held at :

 The Fragrance of the Heart Vegetarian Cafe, Majurstuveien 33.

  Starts at 19:30 on Thursdays and lasts about 1.5h.

During the session you will get to practice a variety of things like guided meditations, silent meditation, vizualisations, concentration and reciting of mantras.

We are also happy to answer any questions you might have relating to meditation.

The classes are of course free of charge and offered as a public service.

We aim to create a space for people to join together and experience the power of meditation in a group, as well as a base to start or strenghten your own meditation practice at home.

If you are interested and feel an affinity to our particular way of meditation, do not hesitate to ask the class givers for more information about us at the end of the class.


Everyone is welcome to join