Since time immemorial humankind has learnt and forgotten again
and again how to dive within and listen. Meditation, the supreme art of silencing
the mind and getting inner vision, has been practised by the vedic seers of the hoary past,
the fathers of the desert as well as countless other seekers throughout time.
Easy to practise, yet not so easy to live on a daily basis, meditation is not only a
technique: it is a lifestyle, a search and an ever new experience of joy, peace, strength,
dynamism and creativity. This makes it so useful in the modern day to keep a balanced
lifestyle. At this event in two evenings you will hear not only some theory but stories and anectodes
and get a chance to practise simple exercises and mantras.

Nivedak, age 53, is both Swiss and Italian. Since childhood he has
been searching “for those who know”, not finding true inner knowledge and
wisdom in the surroundings he grew up in.  At age 17 he learnt the high art
of meditation, which he has been practising since, and soon later found
“someone who knows” in spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Nivedak leads two meditation
Centres in Milan and Rome, and advocates a balanced lifestyle that includes
inner listening with dynamic action and service. He manages two small businesses,
and when free travels in Italy and across Europe to share his enthusiasm about
meditation and the inner search.

Place: Unity Senter, Møllergata 23.
Time: Tuesday 26.09 at 19.00
And Thursday 28.09 at 19.00
(Come to one or both.)

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